A little about me…

Jacqueline Rushing
Oh look, a picture of my face.

Hello there! Jacqui here.

I love to read. When I was about two, I convinced my mom to get me Hooked on Phonics and I have been reading ever since. I have edited books for a small publishing company. I have also been a beta reader for many new authors prior to their books being submitted to authors and, awesomely enough, every book has gone to print! I love to read YA, SciFi, Fantasy, Erotica and even children’s books on the side. My weaknesses are books in a SERIES!  Short three book series to epic fifteen book sagas, I am down for every last page!

Food! I love to cook and to bake. I’m not a trained chef by any means, but my husband has only ever turned away from one meal so I must be doing something right. I am good at baking, though. My mom baked cakes for every occasion growing up and as an adult I don’t even eat them anymore, but that won’t stop me from bringing a cake to every function.

I won’t write about my love for a tasty cocktail here, because no one should say that they love alcohol. However, my time working with Gerald in a theatre bar was time well spent and I can’t wait to share some fun cocktails with you!

Okay, okay, personal stuff. I am a newlywed. My awesome husband, whom I will only refer to as The Husband, is amazing and patient and built me a server because I wanted to start a blog. I work as an actress at a TYA company and love it. I’m short, totally into “geek culture” and I may or may not have a sugar addiction.

Well, that’s enough about me, but I would love to get to know you. Reach out on social media and let me know what books I should be reading next!